The Chrysalis

An All-Ages Ascian Themed Night Club

Balmung ✧ Shirogane ✧ Ward 16 ✧ Plot 7

Open Mondays from 8:00pm until 12:00am EST


February 27, 2021

February 7, 2021

The Chrysalis will be hosting a small Valentoine's giveaway! Three Valentoine's Cakes will be up for grabs, as well as one winner getting the choice of the 2016 Valentoine's Furnishing Set OR the Valentoine's Apron Attire and Hat! Come see us on February 15th from 8pm to 12am EST for your chance to win!

About The Chrysalis

The Chrysalis, located in Shirogane, boasts a full bar and "Trial Arena" dancefloor in its basement, as well as a smaller lounge and a private room available for rent for parties during club hours. If interested in renting the private room, or the entire club, please contact a member of our management team on Discord.


Rules are subject to addition and change without notice.

✧ In spite of the nature of most nightclub venues, THIS VENUE IS STRICTLY A SAFE FOR WORK SPACE. Please do not engage in any not safe for work roleplay within the venue.

✧ On club nights, our management will use a green status tag and our workers will use yellow! Please do not use these tags in the venue!

✧ Please do not use /shout or /yell within the venue, we use those for club announcements. You will receive one warning before being asked to leave.

✧ This is a strictly In Character venue. Please do not interact with anyone in /say out of character unless necessary or in a /tell.

✧ The bar charges actual gil and payment is expected upon receipt of your drink or food via trade.

✧ Please do not ask our employees for any of their personal information.

✧ Please do not go into any of the private chambers unless invited, into any of the employee only areas, any area marked off with a rope stanchion, or the ascian dancer platforms. You will receive one warning before being asked to leave.

✧ Unless your minion is an in character pet you plan on roleplaying with, please dismiss them upon entering the venue.

✧ Weapons are welcome so long as they remain sheathed. In character fights are prohibited within the venue. You will receive one warning before being asked to leave.

✧ Weaponskills and crafting are prohibited within the venue. You will receive one warning before being asked to leave.

Interactive Shots

Spin the roulette wheel of chance with our Zodiark and Hydaelyn themed shots! Alcohol infused with energy from the two primals is used to create these specialty drinks, and the results are different each time!

By purchasing one of these shots, you consent to any and all consequences.

Each shot is 50,000 gil.

Random RollZodiark EffectHydaelyn Effect
0Become Tempered PermanentlyBecome Tempered Permanently
1Become Tempered for 24 hours.Become Tempered for 24 hours.
2-100Painfully vomit up violet crystals (Obtain a Crystal Boule!)Cough up blue brightlilies (Obtain a blue Brightlily Corsage!)
100-200Sprout Cat Ears and a Tail for 24 hours, and feel as if you are high on Gaelicatnip for 12 hours. Miqo'te and Hrothgar do not gain any additional traits, but succumb to the catnip effect for 24 hours.You begin every statement you make with the words "Hear, Feel, Think" for the next 24 hours.
200-300A baby imp is summoned and thinks you are its parent. It will not leave you alone. (Obtain Infant Imp minion!)A mischief of rats flocks to you, and will not depart your side. Or your pockets. (Obtain Tiny Rat minion!)
300-400For 24 hours you feel as though you have lost something incredibly important to you, but you can't quite remember what it is.For 24 hours you feel tremendous euphoria whenever something breaks into pieces, and have the inexplicable urge to break anything purple you see.
400-500You are transfigured into an ahriman for 10 minutes.You are transfigured into forgiven cowardice for 10 minutes.
500-600You have an unyielding desire for grape rock candy that cannot seem to be satisfied. The more you consume, the more you crave it, for about 12 hours.You have an unyielding desire for blueberry rock candy that cannot seem to be satisfied. The more you consume, the more you crave it, for about 12 hours.
600-700You suddenly can speak only Ancient Amaurotine. You forget how to speak every other language. This effect lasts for two hours.You suddenly cannot speak at all, but can understand every spoken language. This effect lasts for two hours.
700-800You are suddenly unbearably cold, and the only thing that helps is being in physical contact with someone else. This lasts for 5 hours.You are suddenly unbearably hot, and the only thing that helps is being buried up to your neck in snow wearing only your smallclothes. This lasts for 5 hours.
800-900A miniature stormcloud appears over your head and remains there for 2 hours. It occasionally will shock you with lightning strikes and constantly drizzles.You spontaneously hallucinate the floor as being lava for 2 hours. If your feet touch the floor, they begin to feel hot as if they are burning, though you remain unharmed.
900-998You spontaneously gain the ability to float and teleport short distances in the same manner the ascians do. This effect lasts 1 hour.You spontaneously gain the ability to hear Hydaelyn speaking to you. She is, by default, louder than any other noise. This effect lasts 1 hour.
999Zodiark gives you his approval. (Obtain a Mogstation code for a Moonlet earring!)Hydaelyn is displeased with your current form and turns your drink into something completely different. (Obtain a Mogstation code for a Fantasia!)


Signature cocktails created by the members of the Convocation, as well as some our bartenders have hand selected for our menu.

Elidibus' Radiant Desperado

5,000 gil

A tall glass filled with crushed ice, lime juice, ginger syrup, a house mixed vodka that changes color upon contact with ice, and finally topped off with tonic water, this vibrant drink will push you To The Limit.

Emet-Selch's Call of Our Brethren

5,000 gil

A drink created by the esteemed Emet-Selch himself, this drink is a mixture of purple, shimmering liqueur, vodka, lemon juice, orange-flavored liqueur, and champagne, shaken and poured into a cocktail glass and lined with crushed rock candy.

May it fill you with memories of nostalgia; of a time long lost.

Halmarut's Korpokkur Krème

5,000 gil

A minty dream poured into a gilded rim coupe glass and garnished with nutmeg. Famously as green as the Arbiter's hair. Does not taste like his famously cute korpokkurs.

Mitron’s Fish Bowl

10,000 gil

A shaken mixture of moscato, vodka, blue curaçao, pineapple juice, and lemon-lime tonic water. Includes 3 slices each of lemons, limes, and oranges, and two gummy fish, all poured into a fish bowl glass. The glass is then lined with crushed rock candy.

Nabriales' End of Days

5,000 gil

Nabriales prefers a more refined drink that will still pack a punch. Wine, Rum, Creme de Peche and plum juice, Shaken and poured over ice, Garnished with a blood Orange.

Pashtarot's Starlit Ale

5,000 gil

A pale ale made with activated charcoal and a touch of shimmery magic. A drink fit to hold the same name as the Knight-Star.

Igeyorhm's Hot Cocoa

5,000 gil

A creamy, chocolatey beverage favored by the Martyr. The only thing that seems to warm up her icy chill! Available in Dark, Milk, and White chocolate -- and with extra marshmallows!

Persephone's Amaurotine Rose

5,000 gil

Vodka, lemon juice, pomegranate juice, agave nectar, a splash of rose water, and ice - shaken and strained into a champagne coupe, then garnished with a red rose petal - make for a fragrant and memorable dance on the palate. Both a creation of and a favorite of the lady of the house.

The Ranch Special

1,000 gil

A shot of creamy ranch poured lovingly in a small disposable red cup.


An array of dishes that can please even the pickiest Amaurotine - or mortal - palate.

Nabriales' Sweet Popoto Chips

3,000 gil

Enjoy a lightly salted, slightly sweet and crunchy snack made from thinly sliced sweet popotoes, baked and then fried to perfection.

Mitron’s Fish and Chips

7,000 gil

Freshly caught, beer-battered fish with a side of thinly cut popotoes.

Don’t eat them when Mitron is looking.

Loghrif's Honey Butter Croissants

5,000 gil

Three light and fluffy croissants, baked to golden brown perfection before being drizzled with a generous coating of honey butter.

Deudalaphon's Soft Pretzels

5,000 gil

A delightful twisted treat, baked and sprinkled with coarse salt. Served with a side of beer cheese. Said to pair well with a ranch shot!

Emmerololth's Flaming Curry

7,000 gil

A beef curry spiced up with chilis as intense and fiery as the Holy Queen herself, served with a side of rice. Savory and sure to keep you awake all night.

Lahabrea's Pegasus* Wings

7,000 gil

*Not made with real pegasus.


Tempting treats that will keep even an Ascian coming back for more.

Convocation Macaroons

2,500 gil each or 3 for 6,000 gil

A flavor for each member of the convocation, selected by them and offered for your enjoyment.

You'll find our selection below!

Halmarut's Garden

5,000 gil

A layer of crushed chocolate cookies is covered by a fresh, light mint mousse, topped with whipped cream and cocoa, and garnished with a sprig of mint and a chocolate square.

Altima's Angel Food Cake

5,000 gil

A light and fluffy sponge cake made from whipped egg whites, topped with a sugary whipped cream and sliced strawberries.

Fandaniel's Circus Peanuts

5,000 gil

One of the many favorite candies of the Protector. Orange and sugary, with the consistency near a marshmallow, and pairs well with any kind of entertainment!

Azem's Delight Cheesecake

15,000 gil

A veritable tower of three different cheesecakes stacked together with layers of cake, cookie dough, and brownie then frosted with cream cheese icing and decorated with chocolate ganache and chunks of milk chocolate. Certainly not for the faint of heart. Rumored to be a favorite of one particular viera.

Macaroon Flavors

EmmerololthBirthday Cake
DeudalaphonHazelnut Chocolate
FandanielRed Velvet
MitronSea Salt Caramel
ElidibusVanilla Bean

Behind the Mask

Learn more about our staff!

On club nights, our management will use a green status tag and our workers will use yellow! Please do not use these tags in the venue!

Would you like to join our team? Please click the button below to be taken to our contact form! We will schedule an interview with you as soon as possible if you meet our qualifications.


Click the link at the end of each profile to learn more about each of our NPC players behind their Ascian masks!

Persephone De'amaurot


A voidsent of the Thirteenth, nine times rejoined, and an ascian wrangler.

Behind the Mask:

Emissary' Elidibus

Communications Manager

The Emissary of the Convocation of Fourteen, the heart of god, and bound to his duty. This he swore.

Behind the Mask:

Paragon Emet-Selch

Head Dancer

An architect of imperial nations... and one who enjoys the finer things that life has to offer. When he's not taking long naps, he spends some time as a dancer at The Chrysalis.


Behind the Mask:

Arbiter Halmarut'

Head Bouncer

Member of the Convocation of Fourteen, head of the Words of Halmarut, and friend to mandragora. Maybe mortals.


Behind the Mask:

L'nhea Tia

Head Bartender (On Vacation)

Stray Cat. We don't actually know how he got here. But he mixes drinks well enough.

Behind the Mask:

Front Desk

Click the link at the end of each profile to learn more about each of our NPC players behind their Ascian masks!

Yuri Veis


A rather spunky Viera who happily helps guide guests around the Chrysalis. Is definitely not eating snacks behind the counter. Definitely.

Behind the Mask:

Cyrena Himaa

Greeter (On Vacation)

Your favorite purple goth xaela who makes sure you know what is what and that you're enjoying your time at The Chrysalis.

Behind the Mask:


Click the link at the end of each profile to learn more about each of our NPC players behind their Ascian masks!

Paragon Nabriales


Nabriales is a fan of the finer things in life; as such, he was at home in the upper echelons of Amaurotine society. A little known fact, he is actually a fan and quite skilled with ballroom dances, as well as that of more graceful, fluid and interpretive dances. Catch him on a good day one can enjoy his grace and flexibility on the dance floor.


Behind the Mask:

Paragon Pashtarot

Dancer (All-Rounder)

Service with a smile is the name of the game, and Pashtarot plays the game well. Whether he's greeting people, shaking up some drinks behind the bar, or taking his place on the dance floor, you'll always find this little dandelion fluff enjoying himself.


Behind the Mask:

Killian Sage


In the sleek midwinter, the sunlight brings a brightness to the snow that reflects upon the pure upon the soul. Where the chill meets warmth, his presence comforts and embraces you with a sense of fantasy often mysterious and wonderful.

Behind the Mask:

Rhela'a Grimm


"Wink if you need me, and let's have fun together..."

Naive about what surrounds him most of the time, but with a gentle nature that likes to please the ones who treat him well. Don't be shy to say hi, he will surely appreciate it.

Behind the Mask:

A'shely Tia


This flirty and gentle Tia will talk to you all night long. He might not remember it but he is now working in a club designed around his sworn enemies, let's hope that he doesn't remember.

Behind the Mask:

Nami Chosai


Wanderlust dragon with a mischievous side. Though Nami's happy to go wherever the excitement takes him, he seems even happier to invite you to dance. Just be mindful of his tricks.

Behind the Mask:


Click the link at the end of each profile to learn more about each of our NPC players behind their Ascian masks!

Leih Feloxcia


Keen-eyed and keen-eared barmaid who mixes drinks with a passion for it and for helping others loosen their lips.

Behind the Mask:

Forgiven Promiscuity

Bartender (All Rounder)

A rather small but calculating man, entirely made of gold and white. He's cold, and rather quiet, but has an interest in mortals of this... realm that surpasses anything else. He knows Eorzean, but... seemingly only for club talk. (As if taught by the owner)

Behind the Mask:


Click the link at the end of each profile to learn more about each of our NPC players behind their Ascian masks!

Xenith Niqode


Many can't help but feel of comfort and warmth when around Xenith, not unlike the hearth of home. Though when you look into their mask or veil for too long... Many are often stricken with a feeling of cold, overwhelming apathy.

Behind the Mask:

Jeder Gharl


"'Go work for Ascians, dear,' She said. 'It'll be F U N,' She said." ~Jeder Gharl

This man somehow managed to get a job working as a bouncer here, and it's hard to tell if he's enthused about it or if he's taking his job a little TOO seriously

Behind the Mask:

Brynhildr Strylausk

Bouncer (On Vacation)

An imposing Viera woman with a gaze colder than ice, much to her dismay. Won't bite unless you deserve it.

Behind the Mask:


It seems this staff member doesn't have any additional profile information at this time. We are constantly updating our website, please check back soon!

Apply to Join Us!

We are always looking for new faces to temper help us out at The Chrysalis. If you're seriously interested in joining the team, please fill out our form and we will contact you if you meet our qualifications! All NPC Ascians are encouraged to apply!

We are presently seeking some bartenders, dancers (some girls would be lovely, as we have an entirely male dancing staff at present), and some specific Ascians to join our staff!

Makes and serves food and drink. A very heavily rp- and organization- focused position. Will be required to keep track of their sales using our spreadsheet and turn over the house's cut and unsold items at the end of the night.

Maintains order and enforces club rules. Has authority ICly and OOCly to ask patrons to leave the venue if they are disrupting club activities or violating club policy.

Bust a move! Dancers are expected to be dancing all evening unless engaging in rp with a patron, and are encouraged to interact in public chat with each other as well as patrons.

Greets and serves patrons with a smile. Encouraged to interact with patrons as a hospitality manager would, fetching refills and engaging them in rp.